Traveling Lemur Productions, LLC specializes in promotional videos, photography, and graphics for the theatre community. We produce, shoot, and edit promotional material that helps spread the word about upcoming and current shows with exclusive, 

behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with cast and crew. By using QR codes printed in the program books, audiences can also enjoy these videos as they wait for the show to begin!


We don't limit ourselves to just theatre, however. If you'd like to promote your company, event, or product, shoot us an email! Scroll down for more details!


Want to sell recordings of your production or save it for archival purposes? We'd be more than happy to record it for you! We use multiple cameras in order to capture the show in a more complete and intimate way. Send us an email for more info!

Yeah, Bro! 





Traveling Lemur Productions, LLC is proud to announce that we are the official video production company for Smithereen Productions' Yeah, Bro! Podcast. 


Yeah Bro! is a podcast hosted by proud, gay Milwaukeean Jacob Bach, who warmly invites straight guests to his show to talk about gay issues. Click the links below to never miss a show!

Featured Video

Click here to see more videos on our Vimeo page! 

Music videos...weddings...narrative name it - we shoot it! Sure, we may have carved a niche for ourselves in the theatre community, but we are no strangers to the rest of the video production world! We'll be happy to record your next event no how matter how "unusual" it may be. (Trust us. We once made a Queen-style music video starring a dentist and his staff, who wanted to win a Lamborghini.) Don't be shy, email us!  



See more on our Vimeo page!

See more on our Vimeo page!

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Maria Pretzl

Nathaniel Schardin

Screenwriter • Director • Partner

Videographer • Editor • Partner

Jacob Fatke : Honorary Lemur

Audio Guru • Owner of Northern Waters Media, LLC 

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Click here to listen to the podcast!

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